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How to buy at our store step by step


If you're used to shopping on the internet, the following instructions will probably be trivial.

Otherwise please read on to learn how to buy in cafescaballoblanco.com.

You need to create a customer account to place an order, comment on forums, etc ... We guarantee the confidentiality of personal data you provide, you can find more information on this in the Legal Notice.

You can create an account before adding products by clicking on the button "My Account" or the "Register" above the top right menu. Or you can create one at the end before confirming your order when the store asks you to login.

To create a new account will not have more than indicate your email address in the hollow authorized to do so under "Create an account" and then clicking on "Create your account". On the next screen you will have to fill your data. Only those marked with an asterisk are required. It is at this point that you can subscribe or not to our newsletter, events and promotions. Once you have finished click on the "Register" button. As a security measure against fraudulent emails you send an email with an activation link you must click to activate your account.

Once this is done're already registered you can log in from the button "My Account" above the top right menu.


How to place an order?

You must add the product or products you're interested in purchasing the shopping cart, you can do this by pressing the "Add to Cart" on the product after searching either in the full record of the product where you will see all its features.


Step 1. Summary of Contents:

You can access a summary of the products we carry so far by clicking on the red box "Contents" which is on the top right.

To add units of the same product in the basket you must click on the icon with the plus sign or up arrow located on the product line you want to modify. To subtract units click on the sign - or down arrow. To delete an entire product line click on the icon of the X or Trash.

If you have a voucher, enter it in the box to take effect in calculating the final price.

At any time you can check the order confirmation step that you are using the icons below the top menu.

To continue adding products click on the button "Continue shopping" and to move to the next step of the order click on the "Next" button.


Step 2. Access:

At this time the store will ask you to register as a new customer (if you have not done before) or to login as a registered client previously.


Step 3. Address:

Here you will choose your shipping address and your billing address if different. Please review detailed delivery address by clicking on the "Update" button and contact telephone number so the carrier can reach you if necessary. Further down you can choose what name to store the address for future purchases. This option is useful if you want to save multiple addresses associated with your customer record (work address, relatives, friends, people who make a gift ...). Once you have finished click on the "Save" button.


Step 4. Transport:

Now we ask you agree to the terms and conditions of the store. And you are given the option to choose a shipping method if there are several. Choose the one that interests you and continue clicking on "Next".


Step 5. Payment:

In this step you need to click on the payment method you prefer to pay your order. Details about each of the payment possibilities can check from our Payment section (bottom of this page). Below is a screen that will show again the total amount of your order including charges (if any according to form of payment) and you will be prompted for final confirmation of the order by clicking the "OK" button will appear.

Depending on the payment method you have chosen, the next screen will give you the details of our bank account (in case of bank transfer or deposit) will take you to the secure payment gateway of Redsys-Sermepa or Paypal.


And that's it. We hope you will be as simple as here you would detail. Still, you have no objection to call or contact us if you have any doubts. We will be happy to assist.