g History - Cafés Caballo Blanco



Cafes Caballo Blanco is a family company founded in Albacete, the birthplace of its founder, children and grandchildren; this city and province engaged in commercial activity principle, extending after the region, rest of Spain and part of Europe.

As you said Luis Antonio de la Vega in the magazine "Routes of Spain" 1966: "Nowhere coffee is taken as in Albacete," we are accustomed comment to Albacete whenever we visit people from outside. This deserved reputation born in Muslim Spain, Albacete hosted tribes "Mokkamias" discoverers of coffee in their home region and in turn introducers Mokka coffee in the Iberian peninsula.

In this fame Albacete coffee helps Cafes White Horse. True to its motto: "Cafés around the world for everyone", for more than 50 years importing the best coffee and working to get our coffees are unique.

Cafes Caballo Blanco opens for business on September 1 December 1961. The film was projected, "Long live the impossible" and that same day, at San Antonio, 37 Albacete in the hand of D. José María Trigueros Molina, born : Cafes Caballo Blanco, Film coincidence perhaps that forged the company's philosophy; achieve the best cafes in Albacete was not impossible.

On May 1, 1965, the company changed its registered office to the street Melchor Macanaz, 7 with the aim of improving their service. It was the headquarters of the company until September 2, 1991, the change to the new premises of the industrial estate Campollano occurs; in this adventure company Cafes Caballo Blanco already has the third generation.

With over 50 years we are proud, but above all we are grateful to customers and consumers who are loyal to Cafés Caballo Blanco.