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Welfare Projects


This company was created with the city of Albacete ties that transcend the purely commercial, since Cafes Caballo Blanco works closely with charities such as Caritas, Blood Donors, Hope Phone, international NGOs Cesal ...

Our office is open to the various associations requesting a guided tour to the explanation of all the industrial, such as process: Associations Housewives Albacete province and especially helpful are the training sessions aimed at students of the School of Hospitality Albacete renowned in this city.

Cafes Caballo Blanco, a company with heart.

 Cafes Caballo Blanco - Solidarios

Coffee and its social importance:

Few come to sense the great social importance of coffee in the world today is, after oil product more wealth and labor moves.? Wealth, because over 6,000 million kilos that are harvested annually sustain the economy of dozens of tropical countries (some developing) and millions of businesses and individuals, because coffee in almost all stages of production and precise processing craft hardly machinable care.

Plantations, extended in a strip that goes around the earth, limited by the tropics, require a labor intensive to create them - are needed five years - and the laborious annual harvest in a similar to our vintage process. The benefit - the process of ridding the grain from the foil and dried - is a very traditional process and has too little industrial support.

Next follows a complex network of storages and transport until finally some concrete bags arrive at the White Horse Coffee roasting. Here starts already the best known of roasting, blending and distribution catering establishment process with your machine, grinder, cup, plate, spoon, sweetener and especially their good work will take about 7 grams and make us some coffee.

Thus ends a long journey across half the world, more like an obstacle course than a pleasure trip. Fingers crossed that no link has not failed in the long chain of this process: in planting our 7 grams, equivalent to the result of a twig of the tree, have weathered pests and weather and benefited (cropped) smoothly . They have endured long journeys and lonely storages. They have been roasted properly, or a degree or minute more or less. They came to the establishment of freshly roasted hotel and there are ground just right and efficient waiter and ready been known Brewing coffee we were expecting. It's almost a miracle that we finally have a perfect and aromatic coffee in our cup.

So sometimes a pleasure to think that millions of people (20 or so), which are behind the aroma of a steaming cup of coffee to make us more pleasant this time.

In the Caballo Blanco family we are honored to know that our small contribution to this whole adventure has been accomplished during these more than fifty years, and we continue with the same renewed enthusiasm.